Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Emily de Molly Tuesday

Purchased by Me
Hey everyone! I have a few polishes from Emily de Molly to share with you. I bought these months ago and just haven't had a chance to post them here but today is the day. I don't really seek out glitter in colored base polishes as much as I used to though I don't completely ignore them. Emily de Molly is a brand that can always tempt me, her color combinations are seriously pretty and I can count on her polishes to apply easily. 

Emily de Molly is a Australian brand and her products are available within her shop. For those based outside Australia, check out her stockist page to see where you can get you what you want. 

Emily de Molly Frail Promise
Three coats
Putty nude with white, black, mint, gold, and neon pink glitter
The pop of mint and pink aganist the neutral base and black and white, it's all working for me. 

Emily de Molly Love Triangle
Layered over Essie Stut Your Stuff
Clear base with white, aqua, pale pink, and neon pink glitter
Triangles! I love triangle glitter, especially when it's used as an accent like it is here. 

Emily de Molly Remnants Returns
Layered over Dior Sparkling Blueberry
Clear base with a varied colored and shaped glitter
You can never have too many rainbow glitter polishes in my opinion and I really love Emily de Molly's version. 

Emily de Molly Tread Lightly
Three coats
Pale green leaning blue jelly with silver, white, and lavender glitter
The only one that was a miss for me. I still think it's quite pretty, but I would have like the base color to be more saturated. Maybe layering would help. 

Emily de Molly Turbulence
Two coats
Dark blue jelly base with blue, silver, gold, lime, turquoise, and pink glitter
You can catch hints of the glitter in the deep dark blue base, which makes this a very appealing blue polish!


Emily de Molly:


  1. These are so pretty! I've been liking jelly and crelly shades like these too.


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