Friday, February 12, 2016

Color4Nails Presents Cupcake Polish Exclusive Duo Bitter Almonds & Unrequited Love: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! Along with the Contrary Polish Orpheus and Eurydice Duo, I received a few other polishes from Color4Nails, so I have a couple of posts lined up for today and tomorrow. For today, I get to share Cupcake Polish newest exclusive duo, consisting of Bitter Almonds and Unrequited Love. 

You can purchase this duo together for a slight discount or individually in Color4Nails' shop, along with a large selection of other indie brand polishes. Color4Nails also ships worldwide and on a personal note, I have found that they have a quick shipping turn-around time, which I love. 

Cupcake Polish Bitter Almonds 
Two coats
Gunmetal grey linear holographic with gold shimmer and silver flakes
This has a very metallic look to it with the gray coloring and the silver flakes. It's holo flame is super intense, which is how I like it. Applies really well, two coats for coverage and your good. 

(Artificial Light)

(Direct Light)

Cupcake Polish Unrequited Love
Two coats
Burgundy linear holographic with purple shimmer and silver flakes
Rich and bold and with a high density holo flame. Great application and formula, it glides on in two coats. 

(Artificial Light)

(Direct Light)



Cupcake Polish:

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