Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vapid Lacquer February 2017 Birthday Release plus Candy Shop Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey y'all! Today is all about Vapid Lacquer. Kry's birthday is in this month of February, and in celebration, she is going to be releasing (plus re-releasing) all these awesome products. 

There will also be new bath and body scents, waxes and sugar scrubs, to find out more about specific release information, check out the Vapid Lacquer's Facebook group, Vapicorns. Everything will be available February 28th at 7:30 pm CST in Vapid Lacquer's shop!

Formula Notes:
Rather than repeat myself below each description, I am going to post notes here at the beginning. This is a large set of polishes, with a few different finishes included. That said, I found everything to apply really, really well. Except for just one, I needed just two coats for full opacity for almost all the polishes. The polishes' formula itself is a fluid one, that goes on smoothly. The shimmers were slightly thicker, the cremes slightly thinner, but nothing stood out as problematic or gave me issues when applying. Some of the polishes will be re-releases of previously offered polishes, which is great for those who missed them the first time around, plus a few new items.

Vapid Lacquer Persistence
Two coats
Orchid pink linear holographic
I am starting out with the newest first, including this pretty thing, which will now be part of the core line. Out of the three holos shown, this is definitely my favorite. 

Vapid Lacquer Ruffian
Two coats
Black base with red/copper/gold shifting shimmer
Based on prototype #109. This is the dark standout of the set, unexpected but entirely appreciated. Ruffian is not a core polish but will be restocked at a later time. 

Vapid Lacquer Waxing Poetic
Two coats
Dark turquoise green with pink/gold/green shifting shimmer
Another new release based on a previously done prototype. This is also is not a core polish but will be restocked at a later time. 
Mmmmm, sexy beast of a polish. I love seeing that shimmer against the dark base.

Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch 2017
Two coats
Turquoise jelly with pink to gold to green shifting flakes
This is a limited release, once it's sold out, it will not return again until Krys' birthday next year. 
Confession time: I have admired this polish in the past but I never had the burning desire to own it. After applying it now, I completely change that opinion. The glimmer of the flakes in the high shine jelly base is absolutely stunning in person. 

Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots
Two coats
Periwinkle/purple linear holographic
Soft and pretty and oh so wonderful.

Vapid Lacquer Twerk-uoise
Two coats
Light aqua blue linear holographic
This is the third holo from this set and like the others, is more subtle in holo and quite dreamy on your nails. 

Vapid Lacquer Unicorn Egg
Two coats
Pale gray toned off white base with pink, blue, and purple micro-glitter and holo pigment
The pop of color from the glitter is lovely in that pale crelly base. 

Candy Shop Collection:

This is a re-release collection from 2015. The colors are not straight up, blindingly bright neons but muted/pastel neon shades. They do also have scattered holo, which is very subtle, just enough add some sparkle. I personally like the collection altogether, it's more fun to play with a set of rainbow colors but if I was playing favorites, I would go with Gum Drop and Lemon Drop. 

Vapid Lacquer Bubble Gum
Two coats
Pastel neon pink with scattered holo sparkle

Vapid Lacquer Gum Drop
Two coats
Sky blue creme with scattered holo sparkle

Vapid Lacquer Lemon Drop
Three coats
Muted neon yellow creme with scattered holo sparkle

Vapid Lacquer Lollipop
Two coats
Pastel neon purple creme with scattered holo sparkle

Vapid Lacquer Peach Ring
Two coats
Pastel neon coral creme with scattered holo sparkle

Vapid Lacquer Rock Candy
Two coats
Pastel neon lime green creme with scattered holo sparkle


Vapid Lacquer

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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