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Baroness X Nail Lacquer Black Friday Release Whovian Box: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey everyone! I have another review for you today, this time from Baroness X Nail Lacquer. She is releasing a limited edition Doctor Who inspired set for Black Friday next week. 

Presenting the Whovian Box by Baroness X and demiflux:

After I received my package, I felt like a little kid, opening an anticipated present. So much care went into this box. The polishes are gorgeous and all the other products smell wonderful and are very fun. If you love Doctor Who, or know someone who does, this is a perfectly curated box. My bottles are mini sizes, the ones you will receive will be full size bottles. 

Here are the details you need to know: 

Release date is Thursday November 26th at 10 pm PST in Baroness X's shop

Prices are:
$55 shipped within the US. 
$65 shipped to Canada 
$75 shipped anywhere else to the world
NOTE: You will need to remember to add the free shipping coupon to their cart. That coupon code will be on the announcement bar at the top of the page.

Baroness X Chameleon Circuit
Three coats
TARDIS-like blue holographic jelly with holographic silver micro-glitter
Beautiful blue that does bring to mind that special time machine. I love the little sparks from the holo micro-glitter. This is a jelly based holo, so it's thinner and will need three coats for coverage. It has a medium density holo flame.

Chameleon Circuit comes in a TARDIS box complete with blinky light! 
(my bottle is mini, you will receive a full size bottle)

Baroness X Silence, Boy! 
Three coats
Grey toned tan creme/jelly holographic with gold/green/blue ultra-chrome & sterling silver flakes 
This was my favorite of the four polishes. It's unlike any other polish I own. Same thinner style formula and easy application with three coats. The holo is a lower density one, not unusual with the light polish color. 

Baroness X Trenzalore
Two coats
Dusty deep purple with blue to purple color-shifting glass  micro-flakes
A very nice cool toned purple with the pretty glass fleck shimmer. A bit more opaque than the two holos, I needed two coats and that was it. 

Baroness X Vashta Nerada
Three coats
Black micro-glitter and color-shifting teal to purple multi-chrome glitter 
An eye-catching, unique glitter-bomb. I love the black with the teal/purple multi-chrome glitter. You can wear this by itself, which is how I have it shown as, in three coats. Or you could layer it. 

And here are the other items included in the box: 

Doctor Who Soap!
Both are detergent free

Sample (a generous sample size) of Baroness X Cuticle Balm, aka her Swatcher's Balm. 
This is a great balm to try out. It's feel leave you moisturized but not leave a greasy or shiny residue once you've rubbed it in. If you like it, you can purchase a larger size, in a variety of scent options.

All of Time and Space Mani Bombs:
Seven in total
Frozen Mango . Raspberry Sorbet . Sugar Champagne . Fressia . Cashmere Musk
They smell amazing! I love that there are a few different sizes of the bombs. They bubble well and leave your hands and cuticles soft.

You may not know this but Baroness X also creates hand-painted jewelry under the shop name demiflux. Included in the Whovian Box, you will receive hand-painted (with Chameleon Circuit of course) earrings. And you will receive your choice of a TARDIS necklace, ring, or bracelet, just a make a note when you check out. 

WOW! What an amazing box set. Remember, the Whovian Box by Baroness X and demiflux will go live in her shop (linked below) on Thursday, November 26th at 10 pm PST. 


Baroness X:

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