Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baroness X Nail Lacquer Ex Libris Collection : Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a new collection from Baroness X Nail Lacquer to share with you today. These four polishes make up her Ex Libris Collection. They are all jelly based polishes heavy with color shifting pigments and iridescent and ultra-chrome flakes. 

I seriously fell in lust with these polishes. Who can really resist the color-shifting shimmers? I know I can't! I love that you can wear these by themselves in three coats or that you could layer over another shade and completely change up the look of the polish. For my photos below, I am going to show you all how each polish looks worn solo as well as over another shade. I received the mini sized 8 ml bottles (which is why I didn't use those in my poses). I don't always like mini bottles but I liked that Baroness X's mini bottles are tall and the brush is equal to a full size bottle. 

The Ex Libris Collection will be released today, November 4th at 6 pm PST in both Baroness X's shop and her Etsy store

The full size 15 ml bottles will be priced $12.75 each and you can purchase the full size four polish set at a discounted rate of $46 as well as the four polish mini set (8 ml bottles) for $28. 

Baroness X Dulcinea
Three coats
Violet jelly with red to green shifting pigment and large iridescent flakes
This polish is likely what you think of when you hear the term "unicorn pee polish". Because it totally is! It's the most sheer out of the four but still opaque with slight visible nail line in three coats. I would recommend waiting between to coats to prevent any dragging. 

Baroness X Dulcinea
Layered over Cuccio Colors Count Me In

Baroness X Quixotica
Three coats
Turquoise jelly with gold to blue shifting pigment, silver holo micro-shards and green & blue chrome flakes
The addition of the silver flakes is a really nice touch. This is a bit more opaque, I still did three coats for complete coverage. And over a darker base, you get to see the gold shift more prominently.

Baroness X Quixotica
Layered over Cuccio Colors Prince I've Been Gone

Baroness X Alhambra
Three coats
Cobalt blue jelly with red to green shifting pigment, iridescent flakes and silver holo micro-shards
The contrast of the pigment in the blue base is stunning. And the red shimmer just pops a bit more over a darker blue. 

Baroness X Alhambra
Layered over OPI Eurso Euro

Baroness X Molino
Three coats
Berry jelly with gold to blue shifting pigment and a mix of rainbow chrome flakes
This one ended up being my favorite of the four. It comes across as more berry red on the nail than in pink shade you see in the bottle. It's also the most opaque of the set, you could possibly get away with two coats but I applied three for consistency. 

Baroness X Molino
Layered over Essie Flowerista


Baroness X:

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