Friday, November 6, 2015

Gunpowder Lacquer Wild at Heart Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have a new collection from Gunpowder Lacquer for you all today. These polishes are a part of her Wild at Heart Collection, a collection of eight holographic polishes in a range of fall colors. I am missing one of the polishes, Enchanted Orchid, though it's on it's way to me, so when I receive it I will update my review, until then you can see that one in Cosmetic Sanctuary's review.

No holo sun shots again from me, fall season means a lot rain and cloudy days for me. But I think these are gorgeous in and out of the sun, so I hope that's not too much of a bummer. As for the formula, these are on the thinner side and dry more quickly compared to Gunpowder's first collection. The polishes are jelly based linear holos so, for me, I applied three thin coats for coverage.

Full size bottles will be $10 each, mini bottles will be $6.25 each. You can purchase the full eight bottle set at a discounted $70 (Full size) and $43.75 (Mini size). AND the first fifty customers will receive a complimentary cuticle oil sample with Blueberry Cobbler scent. 

The Wild at Heart Collection will launch November 7th (tomorrow!) at 12 pm CST in Gunpowder Lacquer's shop.

Gunpowder Lacquer Enchanted Orchard 
Three coats
Rusty red linear holographic

Gunpowder Lacquer Burning Leaves
Three coats
Burnt orange linear holographic with gold shimmer
This is the color of fall for me and I love the subtle gold shimmer throughout. 

Gunpowder Lacquer Horse Pasture
Three coats
Dark chocolate brown linear holographic with gold shimmer
A very cool toned dark brown with purple overtones. The jelly based formula of it gives it a lot of visible shine with it's dark coloring. 

Gunpowder Lacquer Morning Dew
Three coats
Blue-toned teal linear holographic with purple micro flakes and subtle pink shimmer
You get that flash of pink against the dark teal and it's wonderful. Same jelly formula as the others, so three coats will get you the opacity you need. 

Gunpowder Lacquer Rebel Moon
Three coats
Champagne gold linear holographic with pink shimmer
This is a polish that is going to look different based on the lighting you are in and your skin tone. On me it matches my skin tone a lot, making it a nude with heavy pink toned shimmer and holo to boot!

Gunpowder Lacquer Stonecrop
Three coats
Strawberry pink with linear holographic and gold shimmer
The brightness of this pink is oh so yummy.Very juicy! 

Gunpowder Lacquer Tequila Sunrise
Three coats
Indigo linear holographic with slight green/violet/red/gold color-shifting pigment
Not quite blue, not quite purple, one of those blurple colors. Regardless of what you want to call it, its stunning. 

Gunpowder Lacquer Wild Berry Kiss
Three coats
Dark fuchsia linear holographic with cyan shimmer
Holy heck, this color though. It's my favoroite of the collection. And it has that blue holo flame that comes with this sort of holo color. 


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