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CrowsToes Winter 2015 The Holographic Principle Collection Swatches & Review

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone got some shopping done this weekend with all the amazing Black Friday polish (and non-polish) sales. I know I indulged in more than a few. For today, I have Crows Toes' newest collection to share with you. These seven polishes make up The Holographic Principle Collection

Lauri is a fan of The Big Bang Theory so she based this collection on Season 6, Episode 5, titled "The Holographic Excitation". In this episode, Penny surprises Leonard by visiting his lab. During her visit, while showing her all of the "high techie techie., and low techie techie" equipment that he works with every day, Leonard explains to Penny what is known as "the holographic principle". Here is a clip if you wanted to take a look.

The Holographic Principle Collection launches tomorrow, Sunday, November 29th at 10 am EST in Crows Toes Big Cartel shop. Each full size polish will be priced at $12 each.

BONUS: Take 20% off your entire order (including the new collection!) if you buy two or more bottles. Use the code CROW20 when checking out. This sale will run until Monday November 30th at midnight EST. 

Crows Toes A Volume of Space
Three coats
Black base with teal/violet/blue color shift plus silver holographic and gunmetal glitter
The shift is a subtle one but definitely there. The formula is on the thinner side so three coats got me to full opacity. 

Crows Toes Wheeler's Bag of Gold
Three coats
Gold flake with gold holographic glitter
Goodness, will you look at that bling! You could get away with two carefully applied thicker coats but I did three thinner coats for complete coverage.

Crows Toes Hey! Get Outta My 3-brane! 
Three coats
Magenta linear holographic with gold sheen

Crows Toes Just Another Gravitational Wave 
Two coats
Ocean blue linear holographic

Crows Toes Monstrous Moonshine
Three coats
Red toned purple linear holographic

Crows Toes The Holographic Principle 
Two coats
Silver linear holographic with lilac sheen

Crows Toes Unified Field
Three coats
Grass green linear holographic with blue flake shimmer


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