Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pahlish Black Friday 2015 Bespoke Batches, December 2015 Duo: Confectioner's Castle , plus Little Reble Droid

Provided for Review
Hey everyone! First of all, a very Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. For today I have a ton of awesome Pahlish to share with you. Normally I split up the monthly duo and any other new releases but I have limited time today so I am going to share everything in one massive post. Here are the details for Pahlish's Black Friday 2015:

There will be a limited edition gift with purchase polish, Little Rebel Droid. This polish will be not be available for purchase but will be free with all orders over $50.

The December 2015 Confectioner's Castle Duo and the five Black Friday Bespoke Batch polishes will be available for pre-order. So no worries about them selling out!

There will also be other previously released Bespoke Batch, monthly duo, and other past Pahlishes to purchase, some will also be pre-order polishes, some will not be. You can see what will be available as of now in Pahlish's shop.

The Black Friday Sale will go live at 12:01 am CST on Black Friday, November 27th and end Cyber Monday, November 30th at 11:59 pm CST.

Pahlish Gingerbread Baker
Two coats
December 2015 Duo Confectioner's Castle
Medium wine creme 
Another montly duo with a creme base and I am loving it! Wonderful formula and application

Pahlish Gumdrop Rooftop
Layered over Pahlish Gingerbread Baker
December 2015 Duo Confectioner's Castle
Clear topcoat with a mix of iridescent glitters, ultra-chrome flakes, and scattered holographic flakes
My photos do not do this topper (or duo for that matter) justice. The topper has a subtle color shift to it, with those ultra-chrome flakes. Nice amount of coverage, I have it shown with one thicker coat over Gingerbread Baker.

Pahlish The Forest Moon
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Deep olive green jelly with platinum and aqua flakes with green micro-glitter plus scattered holographic shimmer
So rich and earthy and all around beautiful. It does have a thicker consistency in formula, with all those flakes and shimmer, but you need only two coats for coverage.

Pahlish Two Moon Sunset
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Dark red jelly with platinum and rose flakes, copper and orange micro-glitter plus scattered holographic shimmer
Wow, what a gorgoues red! The platinum flakes are here again but accented with warm rose/copper/orange flakes and glitter. Thicker formula, like The Forest Moon.

Pahlish Winds of the Cloud City
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Bright blue jelly packed with platinum flakes, blue shimmer, and blue micro-glitter plus scattered holographic shimmer
And finally for those blue lovers out there, here is a icy cobalt blue with those fantastic platinum flakes. Same thicker style formula as the previous three.

Pahlish Pumpkin Cream Puffs
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Soft pumpkin holographic cream with scattered peach shimmer
So creamy and soft, it totally brings to mind pumpkin cream puffs. The holo density is a lower density one.

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish Electronic Santa Claus
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Bright neon green jelly with red metallic flakes
ACK. So visually interesting and striking. It's never easy to pick a favorite from Pahlish but this is one of my top picks for these releases. 

Pahlish Blood of the Mountain II
Two coats
Black Friday Bespoke Batch 
Garnet red jelly with pink and gold flakes with scattered holographic flakes
Very different from the first holographic version. The holo shimmer is super micro which gives it amazing sparkle in both low and bright lighting.

Pahlish Little Rebel Droid
Two coats
Black Friday Limited Edition that will be free with all orders over $50
Violet-blue jelly with a mix of scattered red ultra-chrome flakes and silver holographic micro-flakes
I am certain that making a purchase over $50 tomorrow will be easy to do but if you had any hesitation before, you will not want to miss the sale just for this stunner. 



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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