Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Glisten & Glow Black Friday 2015 Amazon Prime & Commitment and Netflix & Chill: Swatches and Review

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Hey y'all! Here are a few new releases from Glisten & Glow. Details for her Black Friday sale:

There will be two limited edition Black Friday doorbuster polishes, Amazon Prime & Commitment and Netflix & Chill. These will be specially priced at $5 each

Along with the two Black Friday doorbuster releases, Glisten & Glow Cocktails Anyone? polishes will be marked 50% OFF

Sale will only for Black Friday, so from 12:00 am EST November 27th until 11:59 pm EST November 27th. 

There will also be a special on Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat on Black Friday, as well as other deals on Small Business Saturday (November 28th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th). 
Make sure to follow Glisten & Glow via Facebook and Instagram to see what those will be. 

And if you need a refresher of the Cocktails Anyone? series, here are my previous blog post reviews: 

Glisten & Glow Amazon Prime & Commitment 
Two coats
Magenta pink jelly base with emerald, silver, and pink metallic and holographic micro-glitter
This is one that I wasn't sure in the bottle but on the nail, I quite like. It's an unusual combination of colors for sure but it works somehow. And for a jelly base glitter polish, I was happy to see that I needed to more than two coats for coverage. You will want to double up on your topcoat (perhaps Glisten & Glow HK Girl?) for a smooth finish. 

Glisten & Glow Netflix & Chill 
Two coats
Dark plum brown linear holographic with subtle gold flash
This color is so gosh darn tasty. And the name! LOL. I love it. Not sure what the reference is? Here you go
Really nice formula and application, two easily applied coats and topcoat. No holo sun shot unfortunately (sun is hiding this week) but it does have that high density holo flame I have come to expect from Glisten & Glow holo polishes. 


Glisten and Glow:

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