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Emily de Molly Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi all! I have a few polishes from Emily de Molly to share with you today. Emily de Molly has been a Australian brand that I have admired and purchased from for a few years now. You can be assured when buying a Emily de Molly polish that you will receive a quality product and all around great customer service.

So I was happy to learn that they have a shop set up in the United States! You can now buy Emily de Molly polishes directly from her and pay a standard USPS shipping cost as well as having a quick shipping turnaround time. YAY! She also has her Australian shop here for her Australian customers and a comprehensive list of other stockists for those outside the US and Australia.

You can purchase any of the polishes shown today, as well as many other polishes from Emily de Molly's line, directly from Emily de Molly's US based shop.

Emily de Molly Boats 'n Hoes
Three coats
Light sky blue creme with green/orange/red color-shifting iridescent flakes and holographic pigment
OMG. The name. All I can hear is this song (which I believe is the inspiration). I love the sea blue look of the polish with the blue coloring and the green flash from the flakes. I applied two coats and a very light third one for coverage. The holo pigment gives it a light density holo flame.

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly Brick is Dead
Two coats
Cobalt blue jelly with green, gold, red, and blue micro-flake shimmer
Another comedic reference with the name, which just makes it that more awesome. The bold blue is accented with those multi-colored flakes. It's a bit thicker formula wise but I was pleasantly surprised to have it be opaque in two coats. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly Copper Patina
Two coats
Dusky light sage creme with red to gold duo-chrome shimmer
This is probably my favorite of them all. The formula was just superb, not too thick or thin. The shimmer is a bit subtle in low lighting but not at all hidden, you can see it clearly in direct light.

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly Lace Man
Two coats
Gray creme with gold and purple flakes and pink to gold shimmer.
The gray has a light blue tone to it, likely due to the shimmer and flakes added. It's a just a tad thicker in formula, so I would recommend waiting a few minutes between coats to prevent any possible dragging. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly The Pretender
Two coats
Violet creme/jelly with green to gold duo-chrome shimmer
Whoa. The shimmer in this is intense. I love the contrast of it's green/gold in the violet base. Though the formula is nice and fluid, because it has a heavy shimmer, as with Lace Man, wait a few minutes between coats, otherwise, your topcoat might smudge the shimmer in the polish, if that makes sense. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly Veiled Flame
Two coats
Dark plum creme/jelly with copper shimmer
The previously shown The Pretender is a cooler purple, in contrast, Veiled Flame is a bit darker, and a warm, red-toned purple. It's a really lovely color. I lust after that copper shimmer in the base. Not too thick or thin formula wise and opaque in two coats.

(Direct Sunlight)

Emily de Molly Terra Firma
Two coats
Brown to green duo-chrome linear holographic with gold flake micro-shimmer
The dark olive coloring is amazing and applies really well. It has a earthy feel to it too. The linear flame is a medium to high density one, making it SO PRETTY in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight)


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