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Elevation Polish A Journey Told Through Music Collection, Part Two: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! After a month break in September, Elevation Polish is back with an awesome new collection. The concept for this set is a continuation of something Lulu has done before. 
I will let Lulu herself give you some insight:
"I’ve had quite a few amazing journeys in my life. The music lover in me always makes a soundtrack for my journeys. Without fail there is that one song that sticks out and gets stuck in my head for the whole trip. Inspired by songs that take me back to a time, place, memory and journey, I present A Journey Told Through Music Collection."
Part One of this collection was done in January 2015, I have that collection posted here if you wanted a refresher. I am including the songs that inspired this particular collection prior to the polish, so click on those links to have a listen. 

This is a larger collection, so I will go light on the into but I wanted to also share that the Elevation Polish Annual Charity Auction will also be taking place during October 12th - 17th, I will be doing a separate post about that next week but if you wanted more information, here is a blog post about this year's upcoming event

A Journey Told Through Music Collection, Part Two will be released on Wednesday, October 7th at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop

Song Inspiration: Earl Sweatshirt "Chum"
*contains expletives*

Elevation Polish Dirt Up Off My Psyche
Two coats
Dark plum red creme/jelly
This one looks so slick, with it's high shine. It has a more crelly formula so depending on how thin you apply your polish, you will get coverage with two or three coats. I did two coats and that was good enough for me. 

Song Inspiration: Rufus Wainwright "Art Teacher"

Elevation Polish Uniformish Pantsuit Sort of Thing
Two coats
Cool toned mushroom taupe creme
I already know, this is going to become a go-to favorite for me. It has a bit of purple in the color, so although it is a cooler color, with the slight purple tone, it will be complimentary on a lot of different skin tones. Superb formula, two coats and it self levels really well.

I had a request to show Uniformish against a few other similarly toned polishes, Tavan Bogd and Colline du Charf
Uniformish is on my first and pinky finger, Tavan is on my middle finger, and Colline is on my ring finger. 
So you can see while they are all in the similar neutral family, they each have different coloring. Uniformish is a putty taupe with some purple tones. Tavan is very much a purple, though on the lighter side. If you saw Tavan on it's own, it may not look as purple as it would next to a taupe. And Colline is a more red toned purple taupe.

Elevation Polish Dancing in This Rain
Two coats
Indigo blue creme with green/gold/blue/copper ultra-chrome flake and silver micro-flake shimmer
The bold blue color for this is going to make it a popular polish. The flakes are more an accent instead of being the featured detail. Easy peasy application. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Song Inspiration: Natacha Atlas "Gafsa"

 Elevation Polish Impatience of Imagination Wandered
Three coats
Light icy blue crelly with violet/blue chrome flakes and charcoal flakes
In contrast to Dancing in this Rain, this polish's flakes are what are star feature. They are a great contrast to the pale blue base. You will likely need three coats for coverage, which is what I expected with it's lighter coloring and thinner formula. It is also a thermal polish! I didn't even realize that it had this feature when I swatched it, so no thermal change in my photos. It's a very subtle thermal, it will darken to a slightly more blue color in colder temperature.

(Direct Sunlight)

Song Inspiration: Tori Amos "Mr. Zebra"

Elevation Polish Ratatouille Strychnine
Layered over Morgan Taylor All White Now
Shimmer topper of predominately pink shades in a slightly tinted pink base. 
Very unique and although it is a quite pink, it doesn't feel like a girly pink, it feels like a bold and in your face PINK. Layering options are numerous. I loved how it looked over white, you can see all the shimmer really well. This is one coat over a white base with a very light second to get a bit more coverage. 

Elevation Polish Ratatouille Strychnine
Layered over Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress
I wanted to show you how different this polish looked over another, darker base. Over black it is equally stunning as over white. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Song Inspiration: Antony & The Johnsons "Fletta"

Elevation Polish Scrape With Screw
Two coats
Cinnamon red linear holographic
This is RED HOT. Which means I love it. Of course. Did you have any doubt? Very smoooooth buttery formula, I did two coats for coverage and I did very very little clean-up. In direct lighting is has a medium density holo flame with some flashes of blue.

(Direct Sunlight)

Song Inspiration: Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs"

Elevation Polish The Moon Don't Move
Two coats
Mid tone gray creme with subtle green/blue shimmer
A great cool toned gray creme. I still don't prefer gray polish all that much but when it is on the cooler side, like this one, I find myself liking it a whole lot. The shimmer is a nice detail, though it is very subtle, you may see it more in the bottle that on the nail. That said, it is not hidden shimmer, I did see it on my nail, both in and out of direct sunlight.  

(Direct Sunlight)

Song Inspiration: Pink Floyd "Bike"

Elevation Polish LE Yeti Has a Bike
Two coats
Teal green linear holographic
What a fantastic color! It will look more green in the bottle, on the nail it has a slightly blue tone to it. It applies so smoothly, though it's slightly thinner in formula that Scrape with a Screw and has a medium to high density holo flame. As with previous Yeti polishes, this is a limited edition polish, it will be available throughout the month of October. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Elevation Polish Angels Are the Yeti of the Clouds 2 
Three coats
Magenta jelly base with red/gold color-shifting iridescent flakes
This polish has some history to it. The original was a sample that was one of a kind. The demand for it was so high that Lulu reformulated it into a giveaway polish, with just a few made. But the demand has remained steady and Lulu was finally able to formulate this version. I don't have any of the previous versions to compare though Jack of Adventures in Acetone has one up

Unfortunately, as can happen with polish ingredients, the flake shimmer has been discontinued and is currently unavailable for purchase. Lulu will be release all the polishes she has of this during her October 7th restock. If the discontinued ingredients become available again, this may make a return in the future but for now, if you have yet to purchase this Yeti limited edition, make sure to grab it on the 7th. 
You can easily see why this is such a requested polish. The color is simply gorgeous. It is on the thinner side, I needed a minimum of three coats for complete coverage. 


Elevation Polish:

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