Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Digital Nails Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I ended up taking a longer break than I initially planned. But I didn't want to have a longer lapse with my blog posts so I am back today with some awesome polishes from Digital Nails. 
All the polishes shown here today are recently released polishes and they are all available right now in Digital Nails' shop!

Digital Nails Give Peas a Chance
Three coats
Green jelly base with gold micro-glitter and various green circles
Part of the Scientist Pun series
I love that the circles are on the smaller size than the super large ones out there. You could layer but I prefer to build coats so I can have that shiny jelly finish. Inspired by Gregor Mendel's contributions within the field of genetics, and more specifically his experiments with pea plants

Digital Nails Cousteau's My Bro
Two coats
Ultramarine blue jelly base with various blue holographic glitter
Part of the Scientist Pun series
So. gosh. darn. BLUE. Which of course, makes it perfect as a polish inspired by the aquatic explorer Jacques Cousteau. Really nice coverage and opaque in two coats.

Digital Nails Plancks a Lot 
Three coats
A steel gray with red and copper and silver micro-glitter
Part of the Scientist Pun series
This is a very dense glitter bomb! And I am sure I missed a color in my description because yeah, a lot going on. It's on the thick side, so I would just say give yourself a few minutes before applying coats. I applied two coats and very light third to cover any patches and that's it. You will want to double up your topcoat coverage, as glitter bombs like this will absorb that topcoat. Inspired by Max Planck's and his work with quantum physics

(Direct Sunlight)

Digital Nails Double Helix 
Two coats
Rose pink linear holographic with pink micro-flakes
Part of the Scientist Pun series
What a gorgeous shade of pink. I love just how rosy it is. It had a nice medium to high linear flame and applies very nicely with two coats. Inspired by Rosalind Franklin and her significant work on the discovery of DNA

(Direct Sunlight)

Digital Nails Red Dwarf
Three coats
Magenta pink micro-glitter in a clear base
I love the Space Glitter polishes, they make me want to glitter all the things. This color is especially great. If you want to take things to the next level (and I know you do), you should wear this layered over Double Helix and watch your camera go crazy. I applied three coats which was a good amount of coverage. Again, since it's a glitter bomb polish, you will likely want to add that 2nd coat of topcoat. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Digital Nails Crush Leaves, Not Dreams
Layered over Cuccio Colors Prince I've Been Gone
Clear based flake topper of orange to gold/green flakes and violet to blue color shifting pigment. 
This polish is September's monthly polish and it's one of my favorites of the post. It looks AMAZING over black but I wanted to wear it over another color so I chose a dark teal green for my base which compliment the flakes well. Nice amount of coverage with one coat over the colored base. 

Digital Nails Echolocation
Layered over Cuccio Colors Kingky
Clear based topper of various black glitter, including bat shaped glitter, and holographic pigment
This polish is October's monthly polish. You could wear it over so many different base colors, the options are endless. I decided to go for a vampire theme so I wore it over a deep red. The larger bat glitter are fun touch and Raphaelle includes a little bag of loose bat glitter if you want some extra battiness. 

(Direct Sunlight)


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