Monday, October 5, 2015

Nvr Enuff Polish Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Cupids Crossbow & Extraterrestrial

Purchased by Me
Hey all! I have another post for you today, this time it's of a brand that is new to my blog. I have been stalking (and purchasing) Nvr Enuff Polish on Instagram for a few months now and wanted to share my experience with them with you.

Lynnae and Alix are the two ladies who make up Nvr Enuff Polish. Their brand is predominantly holographic polishes though they do carry many glitters, shimmers, and occasionally a creme or jelly. They restock quite frequently, so if something is out of stock, and not a limited edition polish, then there is a good chance it will be restocked again and soon. As for shipping, they do have quick turnaround time, even when they are doing pre-orders. So all around great experiences with my orders.

None of the polishes shown here today are available at the moment BUT there are a great many awesome polishes available currently in Nvr Enuff Polish's shop

Nvr Enuff Polish Amethyst 
Three coats
Amethyst purple jelly polish
Part of the Jewel Tints Collection
Very shiny, which is what would expect from a jelly polish. It's has a nice amount of coverage with three coats, no hint of visible nail line. 

Nvr Enuff Polish Emerald
Three coats
Emerald green jelly polish
Part of the Jewel Tints Collection
So slick and shiny. This is thinner in formula than the other two Jewel Tints, as I had a bit of patchiness and it's just opaque enough after three coats. 

Nvr Enuff Polish Ruby
Three coats
Ruby red jelly polish
Part of the Jewel Tints Collection
I'll say it one more time, SO SHINY. This is with topcoat of coarse but you know, I wanted to mention that feature. It's my favorite of the three Jewel Tints, the color is just so deep and red. 

Nvr Enuff Polish Cupid's Crossbow
Two coats
Dark plum purple linear holographic
A limited edition polish released as a Valentine's polish.
This type of purple holo is my favorite kind. It's a jelly polish but super opaque, needing just two coats. And it has that flash of blue in the holo flame. Perfect. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Nvr Enuff Polish Extraterrestrial
Two coats
Indigo blue linear holographic
Part of the Unidentified Flying Holos Collection 
THIS COLOR. Wow. So deep and very blue. As with Cupid's Crossbow, great formula and opaque in two coats. 

(Direct Sunlight)


Nvr Enuff Polish:

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