Thursday, October 29, 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer November LE's Freer Sand & Thanksgiving Bay:Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi all! I have a couple of new monthly limited edition polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer to share with you today. These will be available starting October 31st at 3 pm EST until December 1st in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop

Great Lakes Lacquer Freer Sand
Two coats
Holographic gold micro-glitter
I love that the color is reminescent of sand. I love that's a full coverage micro-glitter. I needed only two coats for complete coverage. My bottle was on the thick side, though Mariah plans to thin it a bit before the shop release. If you do prefer a thinner formula, a few drops of polish thinner will help. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Thanksgiving Bay
Three coats
Mid-tone aqua blue crelly with blue/green color shifting shimmer
A really beautiful shade of blue and when the light catches that shimmer, it's wonderful. I applied two coats and had a light patch or two so I added one more light coat for coverage. 


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

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