Friday, October 30, 2015

Bliss Polish Mayhem, Cheers, Two Years & Soirée: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Heellllo! I have another post for you today from Bliss Polish. I have the chance to me Yvette, the maker behind Bliss Polish, while I was in Las Vegas for Cosmo Prof in July. She is so cheerful and nice and I absolutely loved meeting her. I received these three polishes while I was in Las Vegas and finally have the chance to share them with you. 

To purchase from Bliss Polish, visit her shop here. She will be restocking her shop on Monday, November 2nd, so if you see something out of stock, it will likely be restocked then. 

Bliss Polish Mayhem
Two coats
Black linear holographic
A black holo is a staple in my opinion. Bliss Polish's version is nice and dark and not grayed out by the holo pigment. It applies really well, needing just two coats for coverage and has a medium holo flame. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Bliss Polish Cheers, Two Years
Three coats
Pale gray crelly with holographic micro-glitter and pigment
This one is not available any longer, as it was part of the limited edition Two Year Anniversary Trio. It's is a very pretty light gray and the holo pigment and glitter add that wonderful bit of sparkle. It's a little on the sheer side so three coats worked best for complete coverage. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Bliss Polish Soirée 
Layered over Bliss Polish Cheers Two Years
Clear base glitter topper of various black, white, silver and fuchsia glitter
This one is not available any longer, as it was part of the limited edition Two Year Anniversary Trio. I love the pop of fuchsia with the monochromatic black/white/silver. Good fluidity and coverage, I have it worn as one coat over the base.

(Direct Sunlight)


Bliss Polish:


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