Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hare Polish "We Have to Go Back, Kate!" - The Lost Collection, Part One: Swatches and Review

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Hey all! I have a few polishes from Hare Polish today to share. Since they are two different collections, I am going to break them up into two different blog posts. This first collection is named "We Have to Go Back, Kate!" - The Lost Collection, Part One, a three polish set inspired by the TV show, Lost. Part Two will release at some point in the future, though I can't say when at this time. 

Oh man, Lost. How can I accurately describe how much this show can suck you in. It's addictive, that's for sure, so I can see why Nikole was inspired by the material. I have seen every episode and when the show was running, I would meet up weekly with a group of friends to watch the latest episode. The show ending? Let's just say I wasn't a big fan and no one's feelings will get hurt. 

As for the polishes themselves, they are so flipping gorgeous! I am constantly blown away by Nikole's ability to mix up the colors and glitter/shimmer that she does. Each ones applied easily. The do have a thinner style formula so you will likely need to apply three coats to get complete coverage, which is how I have each polish shown as. 

The Lost Collection, Part One is not available at the moment in Hare Polish's shop but follow her on Instagram and Facebook for future restock announcements. 

Hare Polish
Three coats
Black jelly with large silver, green/blue ultra-chrome, and bronze flakes plus golden iridescent and purple/blue iridescent glitter.
Those iridescent flakes! I love them in the dark black, they shift in color so well in jelly base. You could get away with two thickly applied coats but I did three thin ones instead and that worked best for me.

Hare Polish The Swan Station
Three coats
White jelly with large silver and bronze micro -flakes and lime iridescent glitter
My favorite of the three. It's very subtle and the white looks more cream colored with the warm bronze glitter.

Hare Polish You All Everybody
Three coats
Sea blue jelly with silver and green ultra-chrome flakes plus golden iridescent glitter and aqua shimmer
The sea blue color is just ...WOW! So pretty! And you can see glints of the aqua shimmer. 


Hare Polish:

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