Thursday, May 12, 2016

Girly Bits Sweet Nothings Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review

Hi everyone! Today brings some pretty goodness from Girly Bits Cosmetics. These seven polishes are part of her upcoming Sweet Nothings Collection. This collection is inspired by the sweetness of French Macarons and their delicate texture.

Look for the Sweet Nothings Collection to be released on Saturday, May 14th in Girly Bits' shop.

Each polish retails for $16.50 CAD (approx. $13 USD) For a limited time you can purchase the entire collection and save $1 per bottle. ($108.50 CAD)  AND receive a complimentary macaron lip butter melt manufactured by Alter Ego Bath & Body, exclusively for Girly Bits Cosmetics. The macaron lip butter will also sold  separately. Here is a pic of what those balms look like, they are too cute!

Full collection purchases ship free within North America, and over-seas orders receive an equivalent shipping refund.

Girly Bits Bleu de tes Yeux
Two coats
Sky blue crelly with blue and platinum silver shimmer
I love how bright and reminiscent of the big blue sky it is. This was opaque in two coats. 

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits J’ai Besoin de Toi 
Three coats
Light sage green crelly with platinum silver shimmer
This is just a tad duskier in person. I like that it's more of a sage color. I do love mint and turquoise but variety is the spice of life and I don't have a shimmer in this shade. Three thin coats for coverage.

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits Mon Cheri
Two coats
Blush pink crelly that leans slightly peach, with peach and gold shimmer plus silver shimmer
Blush! I was all over this due to my current blush color obsession. Two coats was all I needed.

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits Mon Chou Chou 
Three coats
Lilac crelly, with pink and blue shimmer, and platinum silver shimmer
This color is gorgeous! The shimmer is, oh yes, quite tasty in the purple. This one was the thinnest formula of the set but I still had full coverage in three coats. 

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits Mon Petit Canard
Two coats
Pastel yellow crelly with copper and platinum silver shimmer
 I love how buttery this yellow is. It was easy to work with, for me, anyway. It was on the thicker side but with two thinner style coats, it was opaque, which is what I prefer. Pam will be making this a bit thinner for release though.

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits Tarte au Sucre
Two coats
Lilac micro-glitter accented with silver holo, red shimmer and multi-colored iridescent glitter
Would it be a complete Girly Bits collection without a glitter polish? I think not! This glitter-bomb polish is very nice indeed with a pretty lilac color and two coats for coverage. You may need a third coat if you like to apply thin coats for glitters. With any glitter heavy polish, removal won't be quite as easy as a crelly shimmer, so use a peel off base coat or press a pure acetone soaked cotton ball against your nail for a few minutes before removing. 

(artificial lighting)

Girly Bits Bonbon D'Amour
Two coats
White crelly with a mix of bright circle glitter, smaller pastel glitter, and purple metallic flakes
A fun mix of bright colors that go well in the white crelly base. I like the added flakes a bunch, they give this polish it's own special twist. This was thick in formula, though it was opaque in two coats. Pam will be re-formulating this for the release though, so it will be more fluid (and easy to work with) but you may find that you will need three coats for coverage. 

(artificial lighting)

Nail Art!
I used all the shimmers in the set for this look. I applied the colors using a seriotype method, as suggested by the demanding (but wonderful) Nichole of Bedlam Beauty


Girly Bits: 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Some wonderful colors in this collection. I especially love the nail art you created too.

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