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Baroness X The Lost Coast Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Helllo! I have a fantastic new collection from Baroness X to share. This five polish set is The Lost Coast Collection, inspired by Fort Bragg, CA and the area north of there known as The Lost Coast of Northern CA.

I loved how the coastal inspiration translated to this beautiful collection. There are a range of finishes and each one is eye catching. And if you are a fan of Baroness X, you will know that she does not produce just polish but various bath and body products. If you are one of the first 50 buyers to purchase the full five piece polish set (which will retail for $50 shipped), you will receive a 4 oz fizzy, salty foot soak called "Salty Dogs" and a 2 oz hand lotion, both are a Hot Buttered Rum scent.

You will also have the option to purchase each polish individually, they will be from $10 to $13 each. A mini set (8 oz bottles) will also be available for a limited time, priced at $30, this will not include extra products or free shipping. As for where you can do your purchasing, head on over to Baroness X's shop.

Baroness X Glass Beach
Three coats
Various shades of green, blue and brown sea glass glitters in a silver holographic base.
Inspiration: The famous "Glass Beach" in Fort Bragg. The rocks near the shore are a natural "tumbler" for all the trash and glass that was dumped into the ocean for years in the early 1900s.
I love the little bits of color that swim in the silver holo base. So uniquely done. It goes on well, with a thinner consistency but opaque enough with three coats. I still have some visible nail line but it doesn't bother me, if that does, a opaque ridge builder base coat is recommended. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Baroness X Gleam
Two coats
Pale blue scattered holographic with gold shimmer and green micro-flakes with holo micro-glitter Inspiration: The sun reflecting off the water during the day.
If you are a fan of La Luz, then this cousin to it will make you happy. Just shy of being a periwinkle blue but not quite. The gold shimmer adds some warmth. It goes on smoothly, with with two coats needed for coverage. I like it's suede like shimmer look but that it doesn't appear frosty. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Baroness X Kalidotide
Layered over Essie Style Cartel
Green to purple color-shifting base with pink glass flakes, clear indigo micro-glitter and various orange to green color-shifting glitter
Inspiration: The mother of pearl effect on abalone shells. Whole abalone shells and sometimes pieces will wash up and sit among the sea glass.
This is a special effect topper polish and you can just apply it regularly over any base you prefer or build up to opacity though it would require a number of coats. I was provided a makeup sponge to sponge the polish over a base coat, Demi will be including a makeup sponge with purchase as well so you can do the same if you choose. 
With it's abalone shell inspiration, I definitely prefer the extra effort to sponge the polish over a base color. I went with a dark navy blue, to tie in with the coastal theme. You will want to apply a latex barrier before using the sponge and I went over the base twice with the sponge (waiting a few minutes between). 

(With Matte Topcoat)
Oh. My. Gosh. Will you look at that? I love how this looks matte! 

Baroness X Penumbra
Two coats
Denim blue linear holographic with a silver micro fleck finish
Inspiration: The ocean in early evening when the fog is just rolling in.
Everyone needs a good blue holo in their polish arsenal and this one goes on smooth like butter. It's not a groundbreaking color but I like how well it applies and the silver fleck shimmer adds some sparkle so it looks pretty both in AND out of the sun. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Baroness X Sequoia Gigantea
Three coats
Brown jelly with copper to green color-shifting pigment and green to blue color-shifting flakes plus tiny holo micro-glitter
Inspiration: The sun shining through the trees in the redwood forests.
At first glance it may appear that this color is out of place in the set but if you know how diverse the California coastline can be, you will not be surprised, especially since this is inspired by redwoods. I think it will be a popular pick but can you doubt that? The color is flat out stunning, with its unicorn pee color-shifting pigment and rich dark coffee brown color. It's a bit thicker in formula but goes on without issue, I recommend thin coats. You could get away with two thicker coats but I applied three thin ones instead. 

Hot Buttered Rum scented 2 oz hand lotion & "Salty Dogs" 4 oz fizzy, salty foot soak (also in Hot Buttered Rum scent)*
These are the two gift with purchase items you will receive if you purchase the full five polish set. That soak alone is worth the price but I do really like the consistency of Baroness X's lotion. This has a more buttery dominant scent note, not particularly a "spiced" scent. If you like foodie scents you will love these. 

*spoon not included*


Baroness X:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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