Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Goddess of Spring Collection: Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me
Hi everyone! I have a Vapid Lacquer's Goddess of Spring Collection for today. These were released several months ago so while the lighter, pastel colors may not be what is trending but these are too pretty not to be shared. 

I do like to see a collection in which finish and style is similar but with a variance in color. The pastel shades are not new and original but I love the added fleck shimmer each one has, adding some some uniqueness to the polishes. They were nicely opaque despite being lighter colors, though I did find them to be slightly on the chalky side. This is not an issue with application but you will want to apply topcoat to get a glassy finish. As for coverage, they were each opaque with two coats for coverage. The Goddess of Spring Collection is available now in Vapid Lacquer's shop

Vapid Lacquer Aphrodite 
Two coats
Light sky blue creme with blue fleck shimmer

Vapid Lacquer Ishtar
Two coats
Pastel pink creme with red fleck shimmer

Vapid Lacquer Ostara
Two coats
Light sunshine yellow creme with yellow fleck shimmer

Vapid Lacquer Persephone
Two coats
Pastel coral creme with copper fleck shimmer

Vapid Lacquer Saraswati 
Two coats
Lavender creme with dark purple fleck shimmer


Vapid Lacquer:

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