Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer A Nude Awakening Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey y'all! For today I have a few new polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer. A Nude Awakening Collection is a four polish set for fall, inspired by...well I will let maker Mariah tell you herself: "My inspiration for this collection was my love of coffee and neutral type colors.  And my utter loathing for mornings.  They are rude."

I really loved that this is neutral toned collection. The colors are understated but each one has extra flake/shimmer/holo/something detailing that elevates otherwise subtle colors. And of course, the coffee lover in me appreciates the inspiration.

A Nude Awakening Collection debuted at Polish Con last week and it will be released today online in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop at 3 pm EST. They will be priced $9 to $11 each and you can get the full four polish set for $37. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Coffee Is Necessary
Two coats
 Toffee tan crelly with gold to bronze multi-chrome flakes and gold shimmer
Coffee with just the right amount of cream, that's what this color reminded me of. Of course, no coffee I drink contains shimmer (though I do like a dash of cinnamon). The formula is easy, two thin coats for coverage. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Don't Forget The Whip
Three coats
 Vanilla colored crelly with gold/bronze and teal /violet multi-chrome and pink/gold shimmer
A lighter dusky tinted taupe base that is slightly less opaque in color, but better to let those eye-catching flakes peek through. Not too thick in formula, which is great, considering it needed about three coats for coverage. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Make Mine A Grande
Two coats
Mauve taupe creme with bronze shimmer, holo micro-flakes, and holographic pigment
This is my favorite of the four, it's an elegant and gorgeous shade of mocha, with a slight purple overtone. I love how the holo flakes add a coolness to the color. A bit thicker in formula compared to the other crellies in the set, it goes on well in two coats. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Sleeve Me
Two coats
Dusky purple toned gray with red/bronze and pink shimmer
For those purple polish lovers out there (I know there are many of you!) this may peak your interest. It's another soft beauty with it's shimmer and purple tint of color. Lovely! Looking at my photos, I am realizing now that I must have forgotten to add topcoat when I swatched so that's why it doesn't have quite the shine that the others had. With topcoat, you will see the shimmer a bit more prominently. 


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


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