Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nerd Lacquer Thursday Swatches

Purchased by Me
Hi everyone! I am off for vacation through Labor Day, yay! I have some swatch posts that have been sitting on my blog drafts section and what better time to post these but now. The polishes for today are all Nerd Lacquer polishes, some older, some newer. I am always intrigued by the colors and interesting mixtures that Nerd Lacquer creates but the formula for each one can be hit or miss. As for the photos, they were taken a while back, so you will see the photo style that I used to use and have since changed. You can purchase any Nerd Lacquer polishes in their webshop

Nerd Lacquer Antisocial Media

Nerd Lacquer Celestial

Nerd Lacquer Hocchhhh Kssshhhhh

Nerd Lacquer Hyperspace Bypass 
2015 version 

Nerd Lacquer Murder, Murder, Murder

Nerd Lacquer Regal Copper

Nerd Lacquer Resolutionary

Nerd Lacquer The Lando System 
2015 version 

Nerd Lacquer The Zed Word

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