Saturday, September 17, 2016

Different Dimension Halloween 2016 Poe Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey! I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. I am back today with Different Dimension's Halloween 2016 Poe Collection, inspired by the Gothic style of Edgar Allan Poe. As with yesterday's Wanderlust Collection, if you are going to Polish Con today (which is going on right now!) you will be able to purchase these in person during their pre-sale. For regular online release these will be available next Friday, September 23rd in Different Dimension's shop!

Different Dimension Once Upon A Midnight Dreary
Three coats
 Black jelly polish with added glitters
This is specially priced at $5!
Fun and playful, which doesn't entirely fit the Poe theme, but I still think it's ties in well with a Halloween motif with the glitter color choices. It's not quite opaque in two coats, three coats worked best. 

Different Dimension …Dream Within A Dream 
Three coats
Halloween full coverage glitter bomb, holographic silver base with added orange and black glitters in different shades and sizes. 
Oh my goodness, lots of awesome sparkle and the added black and orange make this Halloween appropriate but wearable all year around still. This is a full coverage glitter polish, you could wear it fine in two coats but I wanted to fill in all the gaps for photos, so I did a light third coat as well. 

Different Dimension And All I Loved, I Loved Alone 
Two coats
Orange jelly with holographic micro-flakes
Orange delight! That's what this is and I love it! Lots of sparkle again but in the squishy jelly base which is opaque enough in two coats. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Different Dimension Nevermore 
Two coats
 Black linear holographic with orange shimmer and orange micro-glitter
To me this most identifies with Poe's work, it evokes a dark and mysterious vibe. It goes on really well, opaque in two coats and I like the bits of orange that you see through the black base. 

(Under LED Lighting)


Different Dimension:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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