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31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2015: Week One Round Up

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Hi everyone! I have been doing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge  (or #31DC2015) this year again on my Instagram and I thought that this time I would do a weekly round of all the looks on my blog. If you have never done the challenge or would like more info on it, check out Chalkboard Nails' blog and her FAQ of the challenge.

Side note, I took photos of my nails as the days came and went so the lighting will be different within the photos depending on the weather on each particular day. 

Day One: Red Nails
I used Sinful Colors Energetic Red from the Back to School Class Act Collection with Sinful Colors 24/7 (from the same collection) to do a pink outline. I love pink and red together!

Day Two: Orange Nails
I did a orange on nude geometric look for this day. Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 is my go to nude so I used that as my base and various China Glaze oranges I have in my collection. 

Day Three: Yellow Nails
Vertical stripes for this prompt with yellow and white together. 
I was craving lemon meringue pie when I did this so to me, it ended up looking like layers of a lemon meringue pie slice. 

Day Four: Green Nails

Day Five: Blue Nails
More stripes! I didn't intend for this but it looks like the unofficial theme for my challenge is stripes. I varied with vertical and horizontal stripes for the blue theme using Polish My Life Stripped, Essie Style Cartel, Kiko Nail Polish 335 Ink Blue

Day Six: Violet Nails
Something different for this color prompt. I was going for a syrup clear to color gradient if that makes sense. I used clear topcoat and Darling Diva Polish Have You Ever Mistaken for a Man? as well as a line of gold on top with gold striping tape

Day Seven: Black and White Nails
I had grand plans for this prompt, I wanted something dramatic and complex! But time was not on my side so I decided to do a stamped look. I used Polish My Life Stripped, Munda de Unas Black, and three designs from Moyou London's Pro XL Plate #20

Day Eight: Metallic Nails 
For this prompt, I had no real plan in place when I sat down to do my nails. I had my bottle of Elevation Polish Khan of Khans sitting on my desk and thought I wanted to something that looked a tapestry or cloth. I applied Essie Bell Bottom Blues for the base, applied a layer of matte topcoat. Once the base was dry, I used a dry brush technique to brush on Khan of Khans and then very subtly  dabs a bit of Elevation Polish Zenjin.

(Direct Sunlight)

Day Nine: Rainbow Nails
I love doing rainbow nails, they always make me supremely happy. I wanted to have each nail show all seven colors of the (traditional) rainbow, so I did a rainbow dotted gradient. I applied a double layer of a ridge builder base coat so it would cover a bit of my nail staining but you could also still see my natural nail below the dots. For the dots, I reached into my drawer of acrylic paint and used those instead of nail polish. Acrylic paint dries much more quickly then polish (less chance of smearing when I apply topcoat) and it has an even formula for each color. A layer of matte topcoat and a final scatter of silver dots and that's it! 

My favorite look so far was the Rainbow Nail prompt. Check back next week for round up number two!

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