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31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2015: Week Three Round Up

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Hey everyone! Here is a round up of week three of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge (or #31DC2015) that I have been posting on my Instagram. Here is Week One and Week Two.

If you have never done the challenge or would like more info on it, check out Chalkboard Nails' blog and her FAQ of the challenge.

Disclaimer note: I took photos of my nails as the days came and went so the lighting will be different within the photos depending on the weather on each particular day. 

Day 17: Glitter
I had planned to do some type of glitter placement but I was looking through my collection and saw my bottle of OPI Absolutely Alice, a much loved older OPI, and immediately grabbed that instead. And while Absolutely Alice is a stunning polish by itself, I wanted to add just a little extra something so I painted some white daisies with gold studs. The daisies were inspired by Lindsey of Wondrously Polished.

Day 18: Half Moons
I used this prompt as an opportunity to do a nail art look I have wanted to do for ages, which is an eye look. Polish My Life Stripped and Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 are the beige and white and the dots were acrylic paint. I thought about adding eyelashes but I am glad I didn't, I like the simplicity of this final result.

Day 19: Galaxies
I think the last time I did galaxy nail art was last year's 31 Day Challenge and I am not sure why I don't do more. It's a technique that doesn't require you to be precise and the final look is always eye-catching. I won't list all the polishes I used because it numbers more than 10, but also because I don't remember what I used as I am typing this post up. 

Day 20: Water Marble
The dreaded water marble prompt. I was actually looking forward to it this time. I feel like I have come a long way from last year's single accent nail. I may have jinxed myself though, because I ended up having to do three attempts before I found a color combination of polishes that spread well enough. Polish My Life's cremes usually work well for me for water-marbling (should have used those first!), the three I used were Purple Flower Power, Peaches Anyone? and Strawberry Whip & Chill. I also did a light layer of Nina Polish Infinity Gauntlet

Day 21: A Color
This prompt is one that takes me while to figure out what I want to do. The prompt itself is just unspecific and broad. So I decided to just do something I have wanted to try, which are these swimming pool blue (which is a color!) nails. The original design I re-created is from @stephstonenails. I used a Saran Wrap technique with Essie Blossom Dandy and Strut Your Stuff. 

Day 22: A Song
I chose one of my favorite Queen songs, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" as my inspiration. The video has Freddie Mercury wearing his signature white tee and black leather, so here are my simple LOVE nails using Different Dimension EVP (a new polish, which I will have a review of next week) and the letters are done in white acrylic.

Day 23: A Movie
Grand Budapest Hotel is a recent movie favorite of mine but then I love all of Wes Anderson's movies. The colors and imagery he uses in his films is something I admire and for this prompt I wanted to use this scene from the film: 

Those colors! I love the slick red lacquered elevator backdrop with the royal purple uniforms. I used Floss Gloss Gangsta Boo, added topcoat, then used Virtuous Polish Humility, which dried to it's matte finish, and added gold dot "buttons".

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for my forth and final round of the challenge. 

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