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Esmaltes Da Kelly Marvel and DC Comics Collection (Partial): Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hey all! I have a new-to-me brand on my blog today. I received a package from Color4Nails and they included these six polishes from Esmaltes Da Kelly, a Brazilian nail blogger as well as indie nail polish maker. These six are a part of the Marvel and DC Comics Collection, which is a HUGE collection, numbering at 20 polishes! To see all the polishes in this collection, Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary has a the entire set posted on her blog

I personally love the Marvel and DC comic book world so it was fun to see how the characters translated to polish. The bottles are smaller than the standard indie bottle, they are round 10 ml bottles. My only real critique is that each bottle has a little cloth black bow on the applicator top, which was a little annoying when holding the applicator to apply the polish. But the polishes themselves are so pretty and the application was wonderful, so I just work around that packaging detail. In fact, I liked the polishes so much that I plan to order a few more from this collection. 

The Esmaltes Da Kelly Marvel and DC Comics Collection is available now at a nicely priced $8 each in Color4Nails' shop who ships worldwide.

Esmaltes Da Kelly Hawkeye
Two coats
Light tan creme/jelly with gold and copper micro-glitter and holographic gold micro-shimmer
The color itself was more opaque than I was expecting so which is always a bonus. 

Esmaltes Da Kelly Riddler
Two coats
Mint green creme/jelly base with various sized green glitter
As with Hawkeye, great formula! I like that this is such a brightened shade of green. 

Esmaltes Da Kelly Black Widow
Three coats
Clear base with purple, magenta, and red various glitter and holographic silver shimmer
Personally I would have thought that Black Widow would have ended up with some sort of red colored polish BUT this is seriously gorgeous. It's an edgy looking pink glitter. With three coats, I had full coverage without needing to layer it over another base color, though I waiting between coats to prevent dragging (you can see my impatience on my middle finger). 

(Direct Sunlight)

Esmaltes Da Kelly Captain America
Three coats
Clear base with an assortment of rainbow glitter and holographic silver shimmer
WOW. Stunning to see in person! I love rainbow glitter polishes but I don't have one quite like this, with all the micro-glitter together. As with Black Widow, you don't have to layer if you build up to three coats but wait between to prevent dragging. And a double layer of topcoat for all that glitter.

(Direct Sunlight)

Esmaltes Da Kelly Superman
Two coats
Blue jelly base with silver, blue, and black glitter and silver holographic shimmer
So opaque! I love that! Lots of exclamation points needed for this post. But can you blame me? 

(Direct Sunlight)

Esmaltes Da Kelly Wonder Woman
Two coats
Bold red jelly base with red, gold, silver, and magenta glitter and silver holographic shimmer
A beautiful fiery shade of red, perfectly representing Wonder Woman. I bet this and Superman would look really great together in a nail art look, I will have to try something soon. As with Superman, it's an opaque polish so I was able to get coverage in two coats. With all that glitter, you will want to double up on top coat if you like a smooth finish. 

(Direct Sunlight)


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