Thursday, September 10, 2015

Paint Box Polish North Shore Collection (Partial): Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me
Hello! I have another post for you all today, this time a review. Paint Box Polish is a new-to-me brand, I picked up a few of her polishes after seeing them on My Nail Polish Obsession's blog. You can never go wrong with impulse purchases right? Well sometimes they can go wrong but I am happy to say that in this instance, being impulsive was a good thing. 

The three that I purchased were great, they are pretty and bright polishes and each one has it's own unique shimmer/glitter detailing. The price point is a nicely set one, each polish was just below $10 which is where I am comfortable at when trying a new brand and the cherry on top of it all was super quick shipping. I will notate formula and application below each polish, so the last thing I will mention is that these are all available in Paint Box Polish's shop now if you interested. 

Paint Box Polish Blue Above The Bay
Two coats
Bright cyan blue base with blue and white flakes
Absolutely gorgeous shade of blue and the white brightens it up even more. This was thicker than I was expecting so I waited a few minutes more than usual between coats. It could be the amount of flakes that went into it, that can always make for a thicker formula. Still, the color payoff is worth the patience. 

Paint Box Polish Haleiwa Town
Two coats
Berry jelly base with holographic gold micro-glitter
This polish has some serious WOW factor. The base is just sheer enough that the holo micro-glitter can shine though and still give you opaque coverage with just two coats. No sun shot but you can be assured that it's sparkles brightly in the sun. 

Paint Box Polish North Shore Shrimp Shack
Three coats
Coral creme/jelly with blue/purple/gold ultra-chrome flakes
This is definitely my favorite of the three. It has a very pretty warm coral base with those flakes peeking through to add contrast. While I like the chrome flakes as clear based toppers, I also really like seeing them in various colored bases and this color combination is one of the best I have seen so far. The formula is thin so three coats worked best for coverage. 


Paint Box Polish:

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