Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liquid Sky Lacquer Cozy Autumn Nights Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have a few polishes from Liquid Sky Lacquer to share with you tonight. These four are a part of her Cozy Autumn Nights Collection. This set is perfect for the fall season, vampy shades with sparkle and glitter. This set was released last week and is available now in Liquid Sky Lacquer's shop

Liquid Sky Lacquer Crisp Air * Dark Nights * Bright Stars
Three coats
Dark blue jelly base with red, blue, orange, and copper varied glitter and green flake shimmer
That is one gorgeous looking polish! The green shimmer is amazing against the dark base. It has a jelly base so you will need to apply minimum three coats to get complete coverage. You could also layer over a dark base, black is always a good choice, if you wanted to get by with just one coat. 

Liquid Sky Lacquer Cudding by the Campfire
Layered over Nvr Enuff Polish Amethyst 
Clear based topper of orange, burgundy, and copper glitter with blue/violet flake shimmer
That shimmer again, it's just so pretty! I tried this over a few layering options, and I think it looked best over a complimentary dark purple. It needed just one coat for coverage over the base color and a generous layer of topcoat (or two) to smooth out the glitter. 

Liquid Sky Lacquer Turning Leaves 
Layered over Nvr Enuff Polish Ruby
Clear based topper of orange, red, blue, and purple glitter and blue/violet flake shimmer
Some similarity to the previous polish with it's pop of orange but this one has the added red and purple glitter to mix things up. I loved how it looked layered over a burgundy jelly base, those orange and blue glitter contrast really well this way. One coat over the base and as with the other topper, make sure to apply you trusty topcoat for that glass shine finish. 

Liquid Sky Lacquer Warm Berry Pie 
Three coats
Berry red jelly base with orange, red, and garnet glitter and red/purple flake shimmer
 I have made a lot of jam, pie, and roasts of berries this summer and this polish does totally look like berry pie! A lot of warm tones and the that purple shimmer to give it some contrast. It has that same jelly formula as Crisp Air, so three coats worked best for me and topcoat to finish. You could layer it over a base polish but I personally think it looks best with multiple coats.


Liquid Sky Lacquer: 

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