Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Illyrian Polish The Coven Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have new collection from Illyrian Polish to share with you tonight. This five piece collection is inspired by a favorite film of Vanessa's, The Craft. The witchcraft inspiration is very visible and the colors are complex and so very pretty. Since they are all so different from each other, I will make note of each one's application below it's desciption. 

The Coven Collection will be released this Friday, October 2nd at 6 pm CST in Illyrian Polish's shop

Illyrian Polish Why Are You Still Bleeding?
Three coats
Blood red creme/jelly
I will never tire of this sort of vampy, deep red color. And since it's has a crelly formula, you get a lot of shine with the finish. I did two coats and still had some visible nail line, so I applied another light third coat and that gave me complete coverage. 

Illyrian Polish As Above...So Below
Two coats
Dark murky green jelly with orange & copper holographic glitter and copper shimmer
GAH. This polish! I think this ended up being my favorite of the collection. Those glitter are just beautiful in the dark green base. This will dry down to a gritty texture finish, because of all that glitter, so double up your topcoat.

(Direct Sunlight)

Illyrian Polish Invoking the Spirit
Three coats
Grey tinted linear holographic with gold iridescent flakes and orange shimmer
Although this has a gray jelly base, it has a whole lot of shimmer and flakes, giving it a more pewter look to me. It's is on the sheer side but I got complete coverage with three coats. And it has a nice medium density holo flame. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Illyrian Polish Ours is the Magic
Three coats
Navy blue jelly with purple shimmer and iridescent glitter as well as silver holo flakes & glitter 
I looooove those silver flakes. And the purple shimmer, which is more apparent in person than in photos. This would be perfect for some sort of galaxy nail art (mental note to myself for that!). It's a tad thicker than any of other polishes but I didn't have any issue with application. Three coats for coverage and a generous layer of topcoat (or two) and you're done. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Illyrian Polish We Are the Weirdos, Mister
Two coats
Dark grape purple linear holo with copper/red/orange ultra-chrome flakes
Last but certainitly not least, this purple stunner. It was more opaque than I was expecting, always a win. It has a lower density linear holo flame and sparkles so well in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight)


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  1. OhMyGosh - As Above...So Below -has got to be one of the most unique polishes I've seen.
    And We Are The Weirdos, Mister (one of my favorite lines in the movie) is phenomenal as well.


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