Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Crows Toes Color4Nails Exclusives Emergence, Quietus & Regeneration: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have a new trio of Crows Toes polishes for you today. With Crows Toes' former stockist (Llarowe) retiring, you may be wondering if there you can purchase Crows Toes within the US. I am happy to say that you will soon be able to purchase Crows Toes polishes from Color4Nails, who does ship internationally as well! For those who are outside the US, there are a number of international stockists in addition to Color4Nails, who also carry Crows Toes, these stockists are listed on Crows Toes' website. Along with the large line of Crows Toes, Color4Nails will also be stocking three exclusives to their shop, which is what I have to share with you now. And they are stunning! I can tell that they are Crows Toes polishes without even looking at the label. I included photos of these three both in and out of the sun, so you can get as close an idea as possible as to what the colors are.

Look for these to be released in Color4Nails' shop, along with other Crows Toes polishes, on Thursday September 17th

Crows Toes Emergence
Two coats
Dark emerald green to gold duo-chrome with gold/green color-shifting micro-glitter and holo sparks.
A gorgeous green polish, that I am sure will be a hit among a lot of people. The color-shifting glitter seems to pop out the most in the polish compared to the others. Formula wise, it's on the thick side, otherwise no issue and I got complete coverage in two coats.

(Direct Sunlight)

Crows Toes Quietus
Two coats
Blackened purple to gold duo-chrome with gold/green color-shifting micro-glitter and holo sparks.
This one is my favorite of the three. The holo sparks were most prominent in this base and the color itself is so unique!

(Direct Sunlight)

Crows Toes Regeneration
Two coats
 Dark cyan blue to violet duo-chrome with violet/blue color-shifting micro-glitter and holo sparks.
That blackened cyan blue is the dominant color and it shifts subtly to the violet. As with the other three, thicker style formula and full coverage with two coats.

(Direct Sunlight)


Crows Toes:


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